Eastern Xeriscape Native Wildflower Mix

Bargain!! The Xeriscape Seed Mixture for the Eastern U.S. contains native, drought-tolerant wildflowers that require less water than traditional landscape plants. It is for areas in the eastern United States and southeast Canada where water conservation is desired or mandated.

$77.45 per pound

1 - 9 $77.45
10 - 29 $69.71
30 - 49 $61.96
50 - 100 $58.09

Where to Use Eastern Xeriscape Native Wildflower Mix:

Eastern Xeriscape Wildflower Mix is the perfect starting point for your dry landscape. It’s blended with tough annuals and perennial that works in any conservation or urban, drought-prone area. Thrives everywhere east of the Dakotas.

Native Seed Mix Contains:

Eastern Xeriscape Wildflower Mix is blended with Clasping Coneflower, Dwarf Evening Primrose, Goldenwave Tickseed, Indian Blanket, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Lavender Hyssop, Ohio Spiderwort, Pale Purple Coneflower, Partridge Pea, Perennial Lupine, Plains Coreopsis, Prairie Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Purple Coneflower, Scarlet Sage and White Upland Aster.

Planting rate: 2-24 lbs per acre, 1 lb per 2000 sq ft

Grows well in: Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Texas/Oklahoma, southeastern Canada.

About Our Seed Mixes:  Each mix is blended evenly with the same number of seeds of each flower species in all our products.  No loading up on cheaper seeds.  Your order will contain detailed sowing and preparation instructions.  View our Planting Guide here or call us with questions 479-283-6709.