The Midwest region of the United States includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, eastern Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, eastern Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin, southern Manitoba and Ontario. The Midwest is known for its fertile soil and moderate climate, making it ideal for growing a wide range of crops and wildflowers. The soil in this region is rich in organic matter and provides a solid foundation for plants to root and grow. The weather in the Midwest is characterized by warm summers and cold winters, with moderate rainfall throughout the year, providing ample moisture for wildflowers to thrive. Species such as the Black-eyed Susan, Wild indigo, and Ironweed are commonly found in the Midwest and take advantage of the fertile soil and moderate weather conditions. The region also experiences occasional extreme weather events, such as droughts and floods, but many wildflower species have adapted to these challenges and are able to recover quickly. Overall, the combination of fertile soil and moderate weather conditions has made the Midwest a prime habitat for a diverse range of wildflowers to grow and flourish.