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At the intersection of versatility and sustainability lies our collection of bulk wildflower and grass seeds—an eco-conscious choice for your landscaping needs. Our carefully selected seeds, cherished by environmentally-minded customers, effortlessly adapt to various outdoor projects. When you opt for our featured seed products, you’re not just enhancing your landscape; you’re embracing exceptional quality and a commitment to sustainability. Explore our collection today and discover how these eco-friendly seeds can elevate your outdoor space with natural beauty.


Our History

Holland Wildflower Farm began in 1986 when we put our botanical and wildlife research backgrounds to practice at our first home, a one-hundred-plus year old farm at the base of Thunder Mountain, half a mile from the White River in Elkins, Arkansas. It was here that Holland Wildflower Farm was born and where we continue to source and grow native seed for mixing and packaging.

Wildflower Specialists

All of our wildflower and grass seeds are top quality, grown in the appropriate area of the country by hands-on farmers, and mixed by experts. You can be confident of the freshness and purity of our seeds, and that you’re getting just what you pay for, with no fillers.

Holland Wildflower Farm is a family farm owned by a botanist and an ecologist. When you want to discuss specifications for your project, sourcing, care questions, soil preparation, or other wildflower questions, you can be certain that we’ll have the educated guidance you need. Phone consultations are free.

We also enjoy working with landscape designers, land managers, and other professionals on larger projects. If you need collaboration rather than answers, we welcome that opportunity.

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Holland Wildflower Farm Is The Expert’s Choice For Bulk Wildflower and Native Grasses

You already understand the transformative power of wildflower seeds—how they can turn any empty space into a vibrant, eco-friendly habitat for local wildlife like bees and butterflies.These seeds are perfect for commercial properties, farms, people who own a lot of land or for community projects. What sets our bulk wildflower seeds apart is their exceptional quality. Expertly selected with no filler, our seeds are designed to give you the most beautiful and resilient wildflower blooms. Less water, less maintenance, and more value for your property—it’s a win-win. Make the smart choice for your next landscaping project and invest in our high-quality bulk wildflower seeds. So, if you’re looking to improve a large space in an environmentally friendly way, and improve the property value, our expertly chosen bulk wildflower seeds are a great choice. We can even make a custom mix just for your individual specifications.


Our wildflower planting guides will help you plan and get good results on your seeding projects.


If you have an interest in flowers, propagation and gardening, the Holland Wildflower Farm is a vital source of information and inspiration.

-Michael Crow

We really appreciate the help you gave our club in planting a bee garden in the park! Can’t say enough good things about your company!

-Cindy Timmerman

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