A News Roundup About Glyphosate Herbicide

Bayer AG, who acquired Monsanto, maker of Roundup herbicide (glyphosate), has announced that it will discontinue offering glyphosate in the residential lawn and garden market beginning in 2023. Glyphosate will continue to be sold in the agricultural market as well as...

Rich Wildflower Meadow

There is a lovely wetland wildflower meadow along a backstreet in our small Ozark town. The road cuts away from the main highway and skirts the edge of town along the base of a mountainside where the slope begins to flatten to form the White River Valley. Water seeps...
National Pollinator Week!

National Pollinator Week!

This is National Pollinator Week, an annual celebration in support of pollinator health, initiated and managed by Pollinator Partnership. Check it out in this link: https://pollinator.org/pollinator-week