Get Ready This Summer For Next Year’s Wildflowers

By Published On: June 5, 2024Categories: Uncategorized

Imagine this new gravel driveway lined with colorful,  low-maintenance wildflowers and native grasses.

First step:  preparing the ground. And NOW is a good time.

Each fall, we are repeatedly asked, “Am I too late to plant wildflower seed? Will it be okay to plant my seed in the fall or winter?” The answer to the latter is YES because that is when nature plants them. Late summer, fall, and winter is when the seeds of most native species of wildflowers and grasses mature and make their way into the soil. If you have prepared the site and are ready to go for fall or winter planting, you are simply imitating nature. This is especially true for seed mixes that contain only native species.

Sometimes the soil at your site has already been prepared for you–as when a utility company has cleared a right-of-way or a new driveway has been added (see photo). But if your ground is full of vegetation that you want to convert into a wildflower or native grass meadow, then summer is the time to get it ready.

Undesirable existing vegetation must be actively growing for you to control it. So, summer is the time! Click here to see our planting guide which includes suggestions on preparing your ground this summer for planting in the fall.

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