Deer Resistant Flower Mix

Deer Resistant Flower Mix gives you more chances to enjoy your flowers before the deer do. Deer Resistant Flower Mix consists of tough, native perennials with some bright old fashion annual flowers.


$65.10 per pound

1 - 9 $65.10
10 - 29 $58.59
30 - 49 $52.08
50 - 100 $48.83

Where to Use Deer Resistant Flower Mix:

Use this mix in sunny or partial shade gardens to produce beautiful blooms and keep deer from grazing on your flowers. 

You can also check which native wildflower seed mix for your region here.

Additional Comments:

This mix is not 100% deer-proof but these flowers are NOT their preferred foods

Mix Contains:

Deer Resistant Flower Mix is blended with Wild Bergamot, Blue Sage, California Poppy, Corn Poppy, Four O’Clocks, Foxglove, French Marigold, Gaura, Gold Yarrow, Lavender, Lavender Hyssop, Lemon Mint, Perennial Lupine, Rocket Larkspur, Sweet Alyssum and Sweet William Pinks.

Planting Rate: 6-12 lb per acre, or 1 lb per 4000 sq. ft. (use higher rate of 1 lb/2000 sq ft in southeastern states) 

Grows Well In: Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, Texas/Oklahoma, Canada, Western regions.