The Northwest region includes northern California, western Oregon, western Washington and coastal British Columbia.The growing conditions in the northwest are ideal for a variety of wildflowers. The soil in this region is typically moist and rich in organic matter, providing a solid foundation for plants to root and thrive. Additionally, the weather patterns in the northwest are ideal for wildflowers, with moderate rainfall and cool temperatures providing ample moisture and a moderate growing season. These conditions have allowed for a diverse range of wildflower seeds to take root and grow, including species such as the western lupine, paintbrush, and Indian blanket. Some wildflowers, such as the Columbia lily, require specific soil and weather conditions to thrive and can only be found in certain areas of the northwest. Overall, the combination of fertile soil and moderate weather conditions has allowed the northwest to become a hotbed for wildflower growth and diversity. Higher elevations above 7000 ft should use the Mountain Native wildflower mix.