Best Native Grasses for Landscaping Projects

By Published On: October 12, 2021Categories: Uncategorized
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Wildflowers bring color and charm to any part of your property, but sometimes you want to make a dramatic statement.

Native grasses will really bring interest and another textural dynamic to your landscape. We like to seed native grass mixtures like the Tallgrass Prairie Grass Mix or Shortgrass Prairie Grass Mix adjacent to wildflower areas, so these mixes can be ordered separately.

Prairie Plantings

Prairie plants have little trouble with insects and require little care.

If you want to replace the prairie in your landscape, we recommend sowing flowers and grasses together in the Tallgrass Prairie Flower and Grass Mix, or the Shortgrass Prairie Flower and Grass Mix. The seeds of native grasses (and flowers) fall into two types of environments. A drier climate will most likely have native grasses of the shortgrass prairie, while a wetter climate will grow the native grasses of the tallgrass prairie. The Tallgrass Prairie grasses are Little Bluestem, Indiangrass, Big Bluestem, and Switchgrass. The shortgrass prairie grasses are Blue Grama, Prairie Junegrass, Sand Dropseed and Sideoats Grama.

Native grasses and prairie forbs (prairie flowers) can be frustratingly slow to establish, but with good soil preparation and weed-free compost you should be successful and the results will be beautiful.