Advantages of Using Wildflower Seeds

Why Wildflowers?  Here are some advantages of using wildflower seed mixes.xeriscapewestmx

Economical, ecological,  beneficial landscape:  Using wildflower seed mixes is a way to see what native plants like the exact conditions of your soil, sun exposure and climate.  Using wildflowers is working with nature and the result are tough beautiful flowers that once established will return for many years with the right management practices. . Most natives establish in the wild from seed, once the seeds contact the soil.  Once established native wildflowers and grasses have fantastic qualities of drought-tolerance and survival even in years of extreme conditions.  One pound of seed will cover 2000-3000 square feet.    We suggest starting with a seed mix for your specific region.

Sow your region’s native wildflowers:  Here are a few suggestions where a regional native seed mix will look great. Along a fenceline, driveway or ditch you can sow a band of native flower seeds for color and textures that change with the seasons. Any hard to mow areas like a slope, corners that can be left unmowed, or around a pond or wetland area. If you have a walking trail, sowing wildflowers there will increase your enjoyment during the bloom times of the various flowers and in the pollinators that are attracted to them.

Attracting Pollinators:  Butterflies, birds, dragonflies, and so many other insects rely on these native pollen and habiltat plants.  The numbers and kinds of pollinators will increase as you increase the diversity of flowers in the landscape.  The influx of butterflies is greater the more native flowers you have, and you will be able to observe them feeding and laying eggs on. Also songbirds who feast on the other insects habitating there, and other birds are waiting for the ripe wildflower seeds. With habitat destruction so prevalent in development areas, planting native wildflowers really counteracts the damaging effects of habitat destruction in rather a short amount of time.(Search Pollinator Mixes in our store)

Using wildflower seeds of your local native flowers is going to give your landscape a regionally distinct flavor. It wouldn’t seem so but with ready-made flowers (six-packs of marigolds and pansies) the go-to for most people, you will be different starting with your approach. The reward is you will find that your flowers are unique and they are beneficial to the local wildlife, enhancing the food and habitat for native pollinators (birds, bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, etc). It makes sense sowing seeds of plants that are adapted to regional weather and water (rainfall) patterns, able to tolerate many extremes of weather. Some native plants go dormant under adverse conditions but they will return when better conditions arrive as they are well adapted to your specific environmental conditions. Wildflowers work, so use them where ever you can! Roadsides, commercial eco-zones, schools, outdoor classrooms, low maintenance landscapes, for conservation projects, rain gardens, museums, lakes, wildlife trails, drainage basins, butterfly and pollinator gardens…. The uses and reasons to use wildflower seeds is great.  What is your wildflower vision going to be?  Next step, see our wildflower step by step planting guide