Try, try again for wildflower establishment

Oklahoma-Texas native wildflowerf mix

Try try again. Establishment is the toughest phase of any seeding project.  Great vision always involves much effort.   Yes you have to keep going to reach the goal, your wildflower dream meadow or any worthy goal..

It’s possible with hard work, being intentional, planning and determination you can establish wildflowers where they once were.

There are many great methods but the main idea is expose soil  to provide a weed free seedbed for new seed. If there is weed-free compost to sow upon, all the better.

It is good to consider the possible competition from other plants, amount of sunlight ( the more the better).  We have many years experience and many seed mixes to help you meet your goals, and our methods are best to help you achieve your wildflower dream.

Call us anytime to discuss your project goals.  We can help you.

Here’s the story of some determined people who will see wildflowers and have enhanced their environments and their communities.

Eufaula Middle School student council sowed Holland Wildflower Farm’s Texas-Oklahoma regional native wildflower mix,  for a third time at Lady Bird Landing in order to establish a flower meadow in honor of the former First Lady, LadyBird Johnson.

Mrs. Johnson founded Keep America Beautiful, and worked to encourage wildflowers across the U.S.  Team Up to Clean Up and USACE coordinated efforts on the project, but the first 2 fields were flooded.

This year the Army Corps of Engineers plowed a new site for the meadow, located at entrance to LadyBird Landing camp area, west of Eufaula Dam Overlook. Thirty pounds of seed was sown on the approx. 1 acre site, including annual and perennial plants, then straw was spread to protect seed while they germinate.  Some of the seed was custom mixed for the area by Holland Wildflower Farm, Elkins, AR to introduce more species for the pollinators to enjoy. Total cost of the project, was around $1800, which was made possible by a grant to from the Steven R. Smith Foundation.

HWF:  We so admired the seriousness of Pam Husky and her middle school students at Eufaula Middle School.  The first two plantings were washed away in flood conditions.  But they were not deterred.  They were determined to acknowledge Lady Bird Johnson and her visionary efforts to have regional native plants represent our unique country by preserving and planting native wildflowers.  She and President Lyndon B. Johnson dedicated the construction of Lake Eufaula at the original seeding sites. We wish them the most success with this third planting.  See the wonderful effort at this beautiful southeastern Oklahoma lakeshore.