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Rain Garden Seed Mix

$71.70 per pound

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1-4$71.70 per pound
5-30$60.95 per pound
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Storm water runoff in detention areas are where rain gardens are often established. Our excellent rain garden seed mix for storm management areas includes native grasses and wild flowers.  The Rain Garden Seed Mixes provide needed habitat for wildlife, providing flowers for pollinators and habitat needed by birds, insects, amphibians.  Rain gardens act as water storage, flitration, and evaporation systems. These living microbiological systems improve water quality by slowing the runoff of water from hard surfaces.  Seeding these areas is super cost effective but may require protection from flooding during seedling establishment.  Also try our Rain Garden Grass Seed Mix

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Product Description

This rain garden seed mix of native flowers and grasses emulate wetland habitats attracting hummingbirds, dragon flies, marsh birds, frogs and turtles.  Stormwater managment sites require rain gardens with special facultative wetland species.  This selection is excellent and diverse.  Establish over a growing season for best results before allowing to flood.

Current formulation* of our Rain Garden Mix:

38% River Oats,
19% Virginia Wildrye,
12% Redtop Panicgrass,
5% Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
4% Lanceleaf Coreopsis,
3% Blackeyed Susan,
3% Ohio Spiderwort,
3% Smooth Blue Aster,
2% Marsh (Dense) Blazing Star (Spiked Gayfeather),
2% Partridge Pea,
2% Oxeye Sunflower,
2% Autumn Bentgrass,
1% Blue False Indigo,
1% Swamp Milkweed,
1% Wild Senna,
1% Early Goldenrod,
0.8% Wild Bergamot,
0.2% Slender Woodoats
*Formulations vary with seed availability

This mix can be used at 20 lb per acre, or 1 lb per 2000 sq ft. Sometimes used with a cover crop of oats at 30 lb per acre (1.5 lbs/2000 sq ft), or Rain Garden Grass Mix for long-term native vegetation. Please call for special seeding instructions for these special areas. Also useful in wet meadows or upland areas.  We have a special rain garden mix for Southeastern US sites.