Texas Oklahoma Native Wildflower Seed Mix

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Components:  Oklahoma Texas native wildflower seed mix is an annual and perennial mix that contains Annual Phlox, Blue Sage, Clasping Coneflower, Crown Tickseed, Dahlberg Daisy, Dwarf Evening Primrose, Engelmann Daisy, Golden Wave Tickseed, Greenthread, Indian Blanket, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Lemon Mint, Prairie Coneflower, Purple Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Scarlet Sage, Showy Evening Primrose and Texas Bluebonnet. Go Cowboys!!


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Oklahoma Texas native wildflower seed mix is a group of distinctive native flower seeds including endemic Texas Bluebonnet, and Indian Blanket the Oklahoma state flower.  And all the other species that show the gorgeous colors we see on the red dirt prairies of Oklahoma and Texas.    It is unique as a biome between the wetter south and the drier southwestern US and Mexico.  Our Texas Oklahoma Native Wildflower Seed Mix was recently planted at the 50th anniversary of the creation of Lake Eufaula by a group of activist environmentalist middle schoolers who have taken pride their local geography. This effort was led by local conservatonist and artist, Pamela Husky.    Ladybird Johnson, famous wildflower lover, and founder of the National Wildflower Research Center dedicated this lovely feature on the Oklahoma landscape in 1965.

Planting rate: 11-22 lbs./acre, 8 oz./1000 sq. ft.

Region: Oklahoma, Texas (except for the far east Texas, use Southeast Native Mix),

Elevations: below 7000 ft.