Northwest Native Wildflower Seed Mix

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Sold by the pound!   Discounts of 15-25% on purchases of 5 or more lbs of Northwest Native Wildflower Seed Mix call 800-684-3734 for discount orders.  

Get out the seed and go wild where the rainfall is plenty these natives will flourish.  Great for garden clubs, sidewalk plantings and anywhere you want the real live natives of the Great Pacific Northwest.


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Product Description

Northwest Native Wildflower Seed Mix is an annual and perennial mix that contains Baby Blue Eyes, Bird’s Eyes, Blue-Eyed Grass, California Poppy, Chinese Houses, Clarkia, Columbine, Dwarf Godetia, Five Spot, Globe Gilia, Lewis Flax, Mountain Phlox, Russell Lupine, Tidy Tips and Yellow Lupine.

Northwest Native Wildflower Seed Mix:

Planting rate: 9-18 lbs./acre, 6 oz./1000 sq. ft.

Region: western Oregon, western Washington, northern California.