Northeast Native Grass Mixture

$35.00 per pound

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1-4$35.00 per pound
5-30$29.75 per pound
31-100$26.25 per pound

Northeast Native Grass Mixture is a seed mix of stately grasses that grace our New England and southeastern Canada regions.  Use this native grass mix to stabilize soils and provide habitat in many soils and conditions and combine with wildflowers for a New England native habitat.  This mix may be suitable for other regions as well, as the species overlap with some of the southeastern and midwestern prairie species.

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Virginia Wildrye, Switchgrass, Canada Wildrye, Little Bluestem and Indiangrass.

Seed native grass at 15 lb/acre alone, or 1 lb per 3000 sq ft, WITH FLOWERS seed 7 lb/acre and Northeast Native Wildflowers at 15-18 lbs/acre

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