Mountain Native Wildflower Seed Mix

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Mountain Native Wildflower Seed Mix is a beautifully balanced wildflower seed mixture for the mountain region.

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Mountain Native Wildflower Seed Mix is an annual and perennial mix that contains Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Bigelow’s Aster, Black-Eyed Susan, Blue Columbine, Blanketflower, Dwarf Godetia, Fleabane Daisy, Lewis Flax, Mountain Lupine, Palmer Penstemon, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Showy Goldeneye, Sticky Purple Geranium, Utah Sweetvetch and Western Larkspur. High elevation wildflowers.

Mountain Native Wildflower Seed Mix:

Planting rate: 7-14 lbs./acre, 5 oz./1000 sq. ft

Region: Utah, western Nevada, western Montana, western Colorado, Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington.

Elevations: above 7000 ft.

Elevations: below 7000 ft. use Intermountain Native Wildflower Mix

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