monarch butterfly flower seed mix

Monarch Garden Butterfly Seed Mix

$44.75 per pound

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1-4$44.75 per pound
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The monarch butterfly seed mix produces a flower garden full of butterfly favorites, and especially to attract monarch butterflies.  Want lots of color in your sunny garden? on a budget?  but targeting monarchs?  These flowers from seed are monarch friendly and loaded with blooms all spring, summer and fall.  Many long blooming annuals will bloom the first year and the perennials and biennials will chime in next year.Includes Butterfly Milkweed the orange flower that the monarchs need to lay their eggs on.  You’ll love the colors and the winged wonders that these monarch butterfly flowers will bring. Suitable for golf courses, commercial landscapes, and home gardens, basically any maintained area. Reseed every 2-3 years to keep garden annuals blooming.


Product Description

Use the monarch butterfly seed mix to promote the survival of many species of butterflies, including the migrating monarch butterfly.  Monarch Garden seed mix provides food and habitat for adult butterflies in their annual migration.. Be a part of helping the monarch populations surge again.  Seed these flowers with this in mind: butterflies feed on flower nectar, and need foliage for caterpillar and chrysalis habitat. This mix is particularly attractive for monarchs because of the abundance of annual flowers that bloom through the season including milkweed for the monarch caterpillars.  Make your yard or farm a butterfly nursery with these monarch attracting wildflowers, providing for their appetites, and their eggs (future caterpillars).

Use this mix in high visibilty sunny areas.  Butterflies love to graze on flowers in open spaces so the monarch butterfly seed mix is successfully sown in home and commercial settings where butterflies can be observed patronizing the wildflowers in the monarch butterfly seed mix.  To learn more about monarch butterfly conservation visit the Monarch Watch, and the Xerces Society

This mix contains:  Butterly Milkweed, Candytuft, Cosmos, Gayfeather, Hoary Vervain, Indian Blanket, Marigold, Mexican Sunflower, Rocket Larkspur, Purple Coneflower, Siberian Wallflower, Smooth Aster, Sulphur Cosmos, Sweet Alyssum, and Zinnia.

Seed 12-24 lbs per acre.  One pound per 2000 sq ft.  This mix can be sown in almost all regions of North America……. High Plains, Inter-mountain West, Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, Texas/Oklahoma, Canada, Western