Eastern Xeriscape Wildflower Mix

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Water conservation is always a concern and a high priority in many parts of the country.  This water conservation seed mix has natives that are suitable for Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Texas/Oklahoma, southeastern Canada. Draw a line north and south from eastern North and South Dakota and everything east of there will love this mix if water conservation is observed.  Western areas use Western Western Xeriscape Wildflower Seed Mix.     This wildflower mix is the perfect starting point for your dry landscape.    Urban water conservation and restrictions on irrigating can be tough on landscapes, but these tough annual and perennial plants can tolerate drought once established. They need one year of normal rainfall to establish.  Irrigate as needed through the first growing season.  About an inch of rain per week will aid first year establishment.  Sowing in the fall or winter will usually lessen need for early irrigation.

12-24 lbs per acre, 1 lb per 2000 sq ft recommended


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Product Description

Eastern Xeriscape wildflower mix will require very little watering once established.  Xeriscaping is landscaping with water conservation in mind.  So this is great for areas that have soils that dry out at times.  Climate change is forcing water conservation at all levels.  Smart land managers can use this wildflower seed mix instead of water thirsty landscapes and get long term established blooming and less input.

Contains: Clasping Coneflower, Dwarf Evening Primrose, Goldenwave Tickseed, Indian Blanket, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Lavender Hyssop, Ohio Spiderwort, Pale Purple Coneflower, Partridge Pea, Perennial Lupine, Plains Coreopsis, Prairie Coneflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Purple Coneflower, Scarlet Sage and White Upland Aster

12-24 lbs per acre, 1 lb per 2000 sq ft recommended  Sow during rainy periods and give 1/2-1 in water per week to establish, or provide irrigation for first few months establishment.