Eastern Native Habitat Mix

$22.65 per pound

For open meadows and upland exposures, this is a great mix for reclamation.  Great price too.  Wildlife cover and food are the main attraction but long lasting native species is the real bargain.  Call us for preparation and planning questions.  This mixture sold by Pure LIve Seed, so your order will have increased weight but a full weight of seed.  This is a CREP habitat mix for NRCS set aside lands.

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Product Description

Big Bluestem, Virginia Wildrye, Switchgreass, Partridge Pea, Indiangrass, Blackeyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Oxeye Sunflower

Seed 11 lbs per acre or 1 lb per 4000 sq ft.

Current formulation subject to change with new species and availability.