Moarch adult
butterfly milkweed

Butterfly Milkweed seed packet (covers 20-30 sq ft)

$8.00 per pound

This product is SOLD BY THE PACKET*.  Each packet has approx 350 high germination seeds.

This packet (NOT POUND as indicated in green above*) of gorgeous color from gold to orange is the key to more monarch butterflies in your garden and to make their next generation of caterpillars.  Covers 20-30 sq ft.  Cover seed lightly.  Plant in situ during cold months or give cold treatment in moist vermiculite for 3 weeks before planting.  Monarch butterflies will lay eggs on this Asclepias tuberosa.

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Product Description

Create your own Monarch butterfly sanctuary with this little packet of butterfly milkweed seeds.  The bright orange flowers often bloom the first year from seed, and the plants will thrive year after year once established. Monarch butterflies are one of America’s favorite butterflies. The story of their complicated life cycle and migrations thrills school children across the nation, and kids and adults alike look forward to seeing their beautiful wings each year.

Monarch caterpillars need to eat milkweed, so monarch butterflies have to lay their eggs on milkweed plants. The butterflies they used to be able to find plenty of milkweed in and around fields of crops as they traveled across the United States and into Mexico. Now, the use of herbicides has cut down on the native milkweed available to monarch butterflies.

Fortunately, we all can help by growing milkweed in our gardens. It’s no hardship to have this pretty, colorful flower growing near our homes! The most showy species is this beautiful orange perennial, long lived and hardy across most of North America.