BIG FOUR–Tallgrass Prairie Grass Seed Mix (PLS lb)

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Big Four–Tallgrass prairie seed mix contains Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indiangrass and Switchgrass a selection of tallgrass prairie native grasses dominate the vast prairies of the plains, but can be recreated in landscape, and farm lands to benefit wildlife, provide wind breaks, and mingle with native wildflowers.  Use to border wildflower meadows.. Or incorporate  the Big Four tallgrass prairie seed mix with other wildflower mixes to recreate the tallgrass prairie biomes native across the eastern and northern plains.  Long-lived once established, prefers well-drained to average soil.  Sow on prepared soil, weed-free as possible.  Expect germination to begin once temperatures are sunny and soil is warmed, June or July usually.   .


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Tallgrass Prairie seed mix of The Big Four is Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indiangrass and Switchgrass. the  big hitters of the tallgrass prairie grasses.   Use with our Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers to recreate a true tallgrass prairie. Use 5-6 Lb Pure Live Seed (PLS) per acre.  Useful for CRP cost-sharing programs.   We recommend planting this on natural preserve areas to provide habitat for birds and winter interest.

RECREATE A PRAIRIE!! Want to make a tallgrass prairie in your school yard or neighborhood?  Do It! Take that wasted space, clean it up and MAKE A PRAIRIE.

TO MAKE A TALLGRASS PRAIRIE use Big Four–Tallgrass Prairie Grass Mix at 6 lb/acre with Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers at 6-10 lb/acre