Sometimes you need wildflowers that will do more than just look good. Of course, all wildflowers help provide native wildlife with a supportive habitat and have ecological benefits. If you are creative and have a vision for a better solution to your challenges, you may be able to make your wildflower dreams come true! The mixes in this category are specially designed to serve specific purposes, like making butterflies welcome or encouraging honeybees.

Wildflower seed mixes provide solutions to so many landscape situations. Golf course roughs, low-growing flowers for along paths, water conservation practices through rain gardens and floodplain mixes, fragrant gardens for the senses, old fashioned flower seed and pass-along plants, cutting gardens are all themes that seed mixes can serve. Streetside planter boxes might support a fragrant garden, or a ground cover seed mix can trail in a window box. Edible flowers seed mix will go with a kitchen garden.

NEW THIS FALL: INDIVIDUAL WILDFLOWER SEED for sale by the pound. We will offer 15 of our best native wildflowers for your creative use. Collaboration with other teams or schools can cut costs using wildflowers from seed.

We can make custom mixes for you, maybe a mix in your school’s colors or the colors of your organization’s logo. Call us for more details. The possibilities are endless.