Seed Mixes for Land Managers

The seed mixes featured on this page are suggestions for land managers seeking seed mixes for projects with specific goals. Park departments, golf course superintendents, city and state roadside engineers, eco friendly landscapers, urban foresters, farmers, and estate managers often have beautification goals that can also provide food plants for pollinators and habitat for other wildlife including birds, insects, mammals and reptiles.

Farmers, Ranchers and Landowners have great opportunity to serve the natural environment by setting aside odd areas, hedgerows, field borders for conservation. Here’s a brief description of federal and state programs that encourage participation and how there are beneficial paybacks and incentives if your lands qualify under these CRP or CREP agreements in your state.

The NRCS National Resource Conservation Service is the arm of the USDA that works with people to provide information and incentives to help the lands and natural resources. Their programs help establish practices and guidelines to manage set aside areas of private agriculture lands for habitat conservation, with special emphasis on pollinators like bees, birds and butterflies.

Conservation Reserve Program CRP is the largest private land conservation program, administered by the Farm Service Agency. Among other things, It offers participation in the CREP ()Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program) programs which are individual agreements with many states targeting high priority conservation issues. By voluntary participation and leadership from landowners, farmers and ranchers to take sensitive areas out of production and by introducing conservation practices, habitats for wildlife and pollinators is improved, as are water quality and soil erosion.Contact your local FSA office to apply. Participation is voluntary and contracts are 10-15 years, and the owner receives annual rental payments for enrolled acres and cost sharing and incentives in the implementation of the practices to improve the environment.