Regional Seed Mixes

Regional seed mixes of native flower and grasses are the very best choice due to the positive impact on the local insect and bird populations, and even if you don’t care about butterflies or birds they are going to visit someone’s garden why not yours.   What native flowers can do better is provide habitat and food for the native insects.  Which will increase desirable songbirds and other wildlife that is fading from our meadows and forests because of habitat destruction and development.  The least we can do as home and commercial property owners is reestablish some of the plants that used to occur in the region.  And by choosing regional native flowers and grasses you know the species have a good chance of establishing,


Native Wildflower Mix Regions in North America

There are 8 distinct regions of lower North America and all you have to do is decide which one is your region.  Simple.  For areas above 7000 ft.  we have a mountain native flower mixture (not shown on map) that will adapt to high elevations.

These mixtures were developed for specific areas of the United States and Canada.  They are composed of annual and perennial wildflowers that are native to the region, and when available, are from seed sourced from that region to insure maximum adaptability.  Use these mixes for projects where 100 percent native species are required or preferred.

As you choose your region, please note that each planting rate per acre is shown as a range. Use the higher planting rate for maximum color, when adequate soil preparation or weed control are not possible, or if using a hydroseeder for planting.  The lower planting rate is suitable for broadcast or drill seeding methods.