Tallgrass Prairie Grass Mix


Tallgrass Prairie Grass Mix

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Tallgrass Prairie Grass Mix is formulated with the big four tallgrass prairie native grasses to provide wildlife habitat, wind breaks, and mingle with Tallgrass Native Wildflower Mix.

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Where to Use Tallgrass Prairie Grass Mix:

Use Tallgrass Prairie Grass Mix to make lovely prairie meadows in moist to moderate soils, full sun.

You can also check which native wildflower seed mix for your region here.

Native Seed Mix Contains:

Big Bluestem, Little Bluestem, Indiangrass and Switchgrass. 

Planting Rate: 10 lb per acre. 1 lb per 4000 sq. ft. Use 6 lb per acre with prairie wildflowers.

Grows Well In: Canada, High Plains, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Texas/Oklahoma.