Eastern Pollinator Native Seed Mix

Eastern Pollinator Native Seed Mix

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$99.40 per pound

Eastern Pollinator Seed Mix contains an assortment of native wildflower species that act as valuable food and habitat for butterflies, birds and bees. Sow these seeds to produce a field of beautiful blooms that will feed and attract lovely native pollinators from your area!


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Where to Use Eastern Pollinator Native Seed Mix:

Eastern Native Pollinator Mix is a balanced blend of native annuals and perennials that provide nectar and pollen throughout the growing season. Grows best in full sun and average soil.

Native Seed Mix Contains:

Black-Eyed Susan, Blue Wild Indigo, Brown-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Milkweed, Evening Primrose, Golden Alexander, Gray Goldenrod, Hairy Beardtongue, Indian Blanket, Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, Lavender Hyssop, Lemon Mint, New England Aster, Ohio Spiderwort, Partridge Pea, Plains Coreopsis, Purple Coneflower, Showy Tick Trefoil, Slender Mountain Mint, Spotted Beebalm.

*All seed mixes are even blended with the same number seeds of each wildflower variety.  Custom blends can be made to your specifications. Please call our specialists at (479) 283-6709.

Planting Rate: 7-14 lbs per acre, 1 lb per 3000 sq. ft.

Grows Well In: Eastern US, SE Canada (The western planting boundary would be a line straight south from the eastern borders of North and South Dakota)