Mountain Native Wildflower Seed Mix

Mountain Native Wildflower Seed Mix

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$111.30 per pound

Mountain Native Wildflower Mix is a beautifully balanced wildflower seed mixture for higher elevation, mountain regions. Thrives in the northern and western regions of the United States and SW Canada.

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Where to Use Mountain Native Wildflower Seed Mix:

Mountain Native Wildflower Wildflower Seed Mix is blended with annual and perennial wildflowers native to mountainous regions in the western United States and Canada.

Native Seed Mix Contains:

Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Bigelow’s Aster, Black-Eyed Susan, Blue Columbine, Blanketflower, Dwarf Godetia, Fleabane Daisy, Lewis Flax, Mountain Lupine, Palmer Penstemon, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Showy Goldeneye, Sticky Purple Geranium, Utah Sweetvetch and Western Larkspur.

Planting Rate: 7-14 lb per acre, 5 oz. per 1000 sq. ft.

Grows Well In: Utah, western Nevada, western Montana, western Colorado, Idaho, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington.