Monarch Butterfly Garden Seed Mix

Monarch Butterfly Garden Seed Mix provides nectar for many species of butterflies, including the migrating monarch butterfly, which is spread throughout almost all regions of North America. Includes native Butterfly Milkweed and lovely annual favorites like marigolds, zinnias and many others, blooming throughout the growing season. These lovely reliable flowers may not reseed in colder climates so annual overseeding is recommended.  

$63.55 per pound

1 - 9 $63.55
10 - 29 $57.20
30 - 49 $50.84
50 - 100 $47.66

Where to Use Monarch Butterfly Garden Seed Mix:

Monarch Butterfly Garden Seed Mix should prosper in full sun, and average well-drained soil. The mix provides milkweed for Monarch egg-laying and many annuals for nectar feeding.

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Mix Contains:

Butterly Milkweed, Candytuft, Cosmos, Gayfeather, Hoary Vervain, Indian Blanket, Marigold, Mexican Sunflower, Rocket Larkspur, Purple Coneflower, Siberian Wallflower, Smooth Aster, Sulphur Cosmos, Sweet Alyssum, and Zinnia. 

Planting Rate: Seed 12-24 lb per acre.  One pound per 2000 sq. ft. 

Grows Well In: Most regions of US and Canada. Makes a lovely cut flower back yard garden, beautification and butterfly gardens. 

About Our Seed Mixes:  Each mix is blended evenly with the same number of seeds of each flower species in all our products.  No loading up on cheaper seeds.  Your order will contain detailed sowing and preparation instructions.  View our Planting Guide here or call us with questions 479-283-6709.