High Plains Native Wildflower Mix

High Plains Native Wildflower Mix

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1-4$102.40 per pound -
5-30$87.04 per pound -15 %
31-100$76.80 per pound -25 %

$102.40 per pound

High Plains Native Wildflower Mix is formulated with annual and perennial wildflowers that create beautiful landscapes in High Plains areas.



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Where to Use:

Sunny areas with average well-drained soil, best below 7000 ft elevation.

Native Seed Mix Contains:

Dotted Gayfeather, Golden Crownbeard, Greenthread, Hoary Vervain, Indian Blanket, Narrow-Leaf Purple Coneflower, Narrow-Leaved Beardtongue, Partridge Pea, Plains Coreopsis, Prairie Aster, Prairie Coneflower, Prairie Spiderwort, Prairie Sunflower, Purple Prairie Clover, Rocky Mountain Beeplant and Scarlet Globemallow

*All seed mixes are even blended with the same number seeds of each wildflower variety.  Custom blends can be made to your specifications. Please call our specialists at 800-684-3734.

Planting Rate: 11-22 lb per acre, 1 lb per 2000 sq. ft.

Grows Well In: Kansas, Nebraska, eastern Colorado, eastern Wyoming, North and South Dakota, eastern Montana.