Floodplain Wildlife Seed Mix

Floodplain Wildlife Seed Mix

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$70.70 per pound

Floodplain Wildlife Seed Mix is blended with moisture-tolerant native grasses, grass-type natives and wildflowers that provide rich, beneficial vegetation for riparian insects, birds and animals. Designed to provide economical wildlife food and habitat in newly established wetlands where wildlife food value is needed. Suitable for clay soils with high amounts of organic matter and saturated sand.

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Where to Use Floodplain Wildlife Seed Mix:

Use Floodplain Wildlife Seed Mix in wetland restoration areas, riparian sites or low areas that remain wet or flooded some of the year.

Native Seed Mix Contains:

Virginia Wildrye, Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, Shallow (Lund) Sedge, Fox Sedge, Blue Vervain, Soft Rush, Swamp Milkweed, Boneset, Oxeye Sunflower, Showy Tick Trefoil, Joe Pyeweed, Wild Bergamot, Great Blue Lobelia, Narrowleaf Sunflower and Blue Eyed Grass.

*All seed mixes are even blended with the same number seeds of each wildflower variety.  Custom blends can be made to your specifications. Please call our specialists at (479) 283-6709.

Planting Rate: 20 lb per acre, use grain rye as a cover crop at 30 lb per acre. Sow Oct-May.

Grows Well In: Eastern US, SE Canada