About Holland Wildflower Farm

Holland Widflower Farm has been selling wildflower seeds since 1995.

Wildflowers are appropriate to introduce to any landscape, and they offer some special benefits. We hope you’ll explore our website to learn more on the subject. Here are some fast facts to start with:

  • Regional natives will always outperform introduced plants in terms of longevity and ability to adapt to local conditions.
  • The insect pollinators that are so important to our agriculture and native populations of birds are drawn by your regionally local native flowers and grasses, trees and shrubs.
  • The distinctiveness of a local landscape using local natives is downright unique, but entirely sustainable, and makes good ecological sense.

Holland Wildflower Farm is a reliable resource for quality seed, mixed specifically for every region in the US and Canada and even Caribbean and Gulf Coast regions, and for special use mixtures for every kind of flower garden you can imagine. We are experienced in working with land management projects large and small, and we love to work with landscape designers and architects.

Then and Now

We started Holland Wildflower Farm in 1986 when we began to put our botanical/wildlife research backgrounds to practice at our first home, a one hundred plus year old farm at the base of Thunder Mountain about a half mile from the White River in Elkins, Arkansas.  It was here that Holland Wildflower Farm was born, and this is where we continue to grow and bring in native seed for mixing and packaging.

We are very different in our scope now than when we began selling native plants for perennial gardens on the Fayetteville Square, at the Farmers’ Market in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Our business has changed from greenhouse propagation of native flowers for container sale to producing flowers for seed collection to add to the other seeds of natives that are being commercially or locally produced on small farms like ours.  We are growing some of the seed we use but most is purchased from seed producers in the heartland of North America who have devised clever methods to mass harvest wildflower seed with combines specially fashioned for the particular flower seed being harvested.  Many flower seeds cannot be mass harvested and so farms like Holland Wildflower Farm can produce trickier varieties of seed by hand harvesting the seed as it ripens.

Feel free to contact us at 479-643-2622.

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Thank you for believing in the power of making a difference by sowing a seed…..
 Julie and Bob Holland