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Shop our carefully selected seeds to be compatible and thrive in your local environment. Each mix is carefully chosen by our farm expert and cherished by environmentally-minded customers.  We can also provide custom bulk wildflower seed mixes for any application you can dream of creating.

Here’s a hint on how you can tell if a mix contains North American native species only or a combination of natives and naturalized plants. If a region is noted (i.e. Eastern, Northwest, Southeast, Western, etc) or the word NATIVE appears in the name it contains ONLY species that are native to North America. The other seed mixes have a mixture of native and naturalized seed species. They are combinations of seed based on their compatibility with the special use in mind. For example: Honey Bee Feed Mix has flower varieties good for feeding honey bees. Look for your region of the country to get a good start on choosing seed for your project.

The bulk seed mixes listed here are ordered alphabetically by seed mix title. You may sort by region or project use.

  • Southeast Native Wildflower Seed Mix is full of of hardy, sun-loving wildflowers that burst with blooms in most southeastern habitats, including East Texas, the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, North Carolina and the beaches in Florida. Guaranteed to thrive beautifully! Southeast Native Wildflower Seed Mix is great to sow with Southeast Native Grass Mix.
  • Eastern Native Habitat Mix is perfect for open meadows in regions east of the Rockies.  Provides habitat, food, and cover. With native grasses and favored wildflowers for pollinators, this is a multipurpose mix perfect for your project. Thrives everywhere east of the Dakotas.
  • Southeast Native Grass Mix is blended with select cool and warm season grasses that thrive in many wetter, hotter climates in the Southeast region.  It is the best suited native grass mix for the lower SE quadrant of North America  
  • Little Bit Shady is one of Holland Wildflower Farm's most popular mixes.  And our NEW formula is even more striking than ever!!  It consists of annuals, perennials and biennials that are  specially formulated to thrive in areas where there are shady wildflowers to bloom in those lightly shaded, partial-sun areas.  You will see beautiful blooms throughout spring and summertime and reblooming into the fall months. Some are North American natives, some are naturalized (adapted but not from North America) but not native.  Ask about our Native Shade Mix which will be available in 2022.   When your goals require natives and you have some shade this mix is currently available 479-283-6709.  
  • Monarch Butterfly Garden Seed Mix provides nectar for many species of butterflies, including the migrating monarch butterfly, which is spread throughout almost all regions of North America. Includes native Butterfly Milkweed and lovely annual favorites like marigolds, zinnias and many others, blooming throughout the growing season. These lovely reliable flowers may not reseed in colder climates so annual overseeding is recommended.  
  • Eastern Pollinator Seed Mix components are an assortment of native wildflower species that act as valuable food and host plant habitat for butterflies, birds, bees, and other insect pollinators native to eastern North America and Southeastern Canada. Useful for cost-sharing conservation programs to encourage pollinators.  Sow these seeds to produce a field of native wildflowers that will appropriately feed and attract a multitude of native pollinators from your area!  Best seed mix choice for a wide range of eastern pollinator populations.  
  • Midwest Native Wildflower Mix is blended with tough native wildflowers that can endure extreme Midwestern conditions like heavy snowfall, heat and drought, and still produce thousands of blooms that return year after year.
  • Shortgrass Prairie Grass Seed Mix ranges from 12-30 inches tall. These native grasses occur in most drier prairie biomes of the mid-section of the US and Canada. Thrives in drier, well-drained soil in elevations below 6000 ft.  Create a meadow with Shortgrass Prairie Wildflower Seed Mix adding native wildflowers of the shortgrass prairie to these tough native grasses of the shortgrass prairie.   
  • Deer Resistant Flower Mix gives you more chances to enjoy your flowers before the deer do. Deer Resistant Flower Mix consists of tough, native perennials with some bright old fashion annual flowers.  
  • Honeybee Feed Seed Mix

    $63.55 per pound
    Wildflowers for Honeybees and their beekeeping humans!  The flowers in the honeybee feed seed mix provide nectar for honeybees all season long.  It is ideal for honey beekeepers and others interested in honey bee health.  This mix can be used in garden beds, borders, and other maintained or wild areas.  Carefully tested for honeybee appeal, these are the best and most widely established flowers for honey bees. Annual and perennial flower blend that honey bees love.  Some are North American natives others are naturalized wildflowers. All sowing instructions are included with your order and you can view our planting guide here
  • Monarch Native Wildflower Mix is a unique blend of wildflowers for Monarch butterflies. The monarchs flicker orange and black among the wildflowers in your meadow is a sight you will want to see over and over again. But the truth is many pollinators will use the various wildflowers for food and resting spots in their journey to mate, and lay eggs.  Sow monarch native wildflower seed mix  to create your own native prairie, vegetable garden border, or any sunny edge to increase butterflies and other pollinator diversity.  This is the mix they all love.  Long live the mighty Monarch.  Your order comes with complete sowing instructions or you can always email info@julieh22.sg-host.com, or call 479-283-6709
  • Southern Plains Native Grass Mix is blended with warm and cool season grasses that thrive in drier regions from western Colorado to the tip of Texas, across western Oklahoma and Kansas. Great to use for xeriscapes.
  • Bargain!! The Xeriscape Seed Mixture for the Eastern U.S. contains native, drought-tolerant wildflowers that require less water than traditional landscape plants. It is for areas in the eastern United States and southeast Canada where water conservation is desired or mandated.
  • Native Perennial Flower Mix is tough, persistent, hardy, and long-lived. Each flower in this mix are perennial, meaning they come back from the root each year. They also reseed themselves. Plant in full sun where the flowers will not be disturbed.   
  • Tallgrass Prairie Grass Mix is formulated with the big four tallgrass prairie native grasses to provide wildlife habitat, wind breaks, and mingle with tallgrass native flower species.    Bring back the native prairie that was the history of much of the mid section of North America.  The tallgrass prairie grasses protect the gorgeous tallgrass prairie wildflowers on those wind swept prairies of long ago.  Sow with Tallgrass Prairie Wildflower Seed Mix.  
  • Northeast Native Grass Mix is blended with stately grasses that grace New England and southeastern Canadian regions. Use this native grass mix to stabilize soils and provide habitat for insects, birds, and other animals.
  • Bee Feeder Seed Mix

    $63.55 per pound
    Bee Feed Mix is a feast for your eyes and for all the wonderful bees! It contains both native and non-native flowers to feed short and long tongue bees.  Our favorite bee wildflower mix!
  • Low Grow Wildflower Mix has many uses in urban or home landscapes. Low Grow Wildflower Mix stays below 16 inches, as it sways in the spring and summer breezes. Great for golf courses, driveway approaches, adorning low retaining walls, fences or areas you'd rather not mow. Also ditches and sunny border beds. Diversify your landscape and give part of it to low growing wildflowers.  
  • We designed this bird and butterfly wildflower mix with many bird and butterfly species in mind.  Since each creature needs food and cover to survive you can make a difference by just sowing this mix in your landscape.  Find a sunny spot in an old garden plot or outdoor classroom area.  Consider your choices when you seed bare ground and go with wildflowers instead of grasses because you can mow less and make a big difference to the winged creatures with wildflower mix for birds and butterflies.
  • Hummingbird Seed Mix

    $86.70 per pound
    Hummingbird Seed Mix will bring hummingbirds to your yard or golf course roughs.  Hummingbird wildflower seed mix offers colors spring through fall.  The changing colors and textures found in this mix are irresistible to hungry hummingbirds.  These flowers for hummingbirds are natural and are more attractive to the hummers than the feeders.  Hummingbird Wildflower seed mix thrives in most regions of the US.  Also attractive to other pollinators like bees and butterflies and songbirds.  
  • Shortgrass Prairie Wildflower Mix is the perfect choice to grow your own shortgrass prairie landscape in drier areas. Shortgrass Prairie Wildflower Mix will bring pollinators, native birds, and butterflies to urban settings, like gardens.
  • Western Xeriscape Wildflower Mix includes wildflowers that can tolerate low rainfall areas in the western US and Canada. The native flowers in our Western Xeriscape Wildflower Mix require less water to establish and thrive.  Sow in rainy times or irrigate occasionally to establish.    
  • Bumblebee Buffet Seed Mix is a blend of annual and perennial wildflowers that provide nectar and pollen to many species of bumblebees, as well as other pollinators. It contains beautiful early, mid and late blooming wildflower species to provide bumblebee forage all season long.  This mix will do well in most regions of North America with natives from both east and western regions.  Invite the genus Bombus sp to your yard.  And for the fearful bee observer,  remember they are  too busy pollinating the flowers to notice you at safe distances nearby. 
  • Western Native Grass Seed Mix is a lovely mix of western native grasses that range from 12-36 inches tall. Use with native wildflower regional mixes of the western US and southwestern Canadian regions.
  • Shady Wildflower Mix is perfect for areas with shade that need high impact color. Great for adding color to golf course rough areas, tees or any edge area with more shade than sun, while also providing food for the birds, insects and bees.
  • Knee High Wildflowers are just about right for creating a nice area of not-too-tall wildflowers that have long blooming flowers throughout spring and summer.  Lots of colors, textures and pollinator attraction, but tame enough for many gardens seeking a less formal effect.  All flowers that bloom under 24 inches,  Knee High Flower Seed Mix has brought adaptability, and many popular flowers that you won't see in most gardens.  
  • For a flowing but diverse look of sedges, rushes, and grasses in your rain garden use this great native grass seed mix. A lovely but rugged group of native grasses that can stand some heavy saturated soils, and normal to dry soils.  Rain garden plantings commonly include wetland edge vegetation, such as wildflowerssedgesrushesfernsshrubs and small trees. These plants take up nutrients and water that flow into the rain garden, and they release water vapor back to the atmosphere through the process of transpiration. Wikipedia  
  • Southwest Native Grass Mix is formulated with native grasses that can survive in harsh, dry Southwestern conditions that attract wildlife and are ideal for water conservation applications.  
  • Floodplain Seed Mix

    $92.10 per pound
    Floodplain Wildlife Seed Mix is blended with moisture-tolerant native grasses, grass-type natives and wildflowers that provide rich, beneficial vegetation for riparian insects, birds and animals. Designed to provide economical wildlife food and habitat in newly established wetlands where wildlife food value is needed. Suitable for clay soils with high amounts of organic matter and saturated sand.
  • Northeast Native Wildflower Mix is a blend of annual and perennial wildflowers of the northeast. Tough and gorgeous, they are a great beginning to a natural landscape and work well for any project and will tolerate light shade.
  • Rain Garden Seed Mix

    $88.60 per pound
    Rain Garden Seed Mix includes native grasses and wildflowers that improve water quality and provide native wetland habitat for birds, insects and amphibians. May be used in wet meadows as well as in local stormwater management areas.
  • Tallgrass Prairie Wildflower Mix is formulated with beautiful wildflowers that provide habitat wildlife and are a pleasure to the eye. Thrives in Midwestern States, down to south Texas, over to the Northeast and Southeastern regions, and into western regions of Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana.
  • Upland Meadow Wildlife Mix is blended with native grasses and flowers that provide great food and cover for animals, birds, and insects that live in open meadows. Economical yet beautiful.  Maybe a good start for your next habitat restoration project!  These native grasses and wildflower species are adaptable natives for many regions of the eastern US.  Suitable for NRCS habitat restoration areas.  
  • Southwest Native Wildflower Mix is formulated with native wildflower seeds tough enough to withstand the Southwestern region's hot sun and sandy soils. Grow it in containers for a lovely floral display with blooms as colorful as the beautiful desert sunshine.
  • The High Plains Native Wildflower Mix contains annuals and perennials that are native to the north central region of the United States and parts of southern Canada. This area includes North Dakota, South Dakota, eastern Montana, eastern Wyoming, eastern Colorado, the western and central portions of Kansas and Nebraska, and eastern New Mexico. Canada: southeast Alberta and southern Saskatchewan. Many of these species are derived from seed sources located within this geographical area.  
  • Texas Oklahoma Wildflower Mix is mixed with annual and perennial wildflowers that produce brilliant colored coneflowers, daisies, and so many more favorite native wildflowers, up to 20 in tall. Includes Indian Blanket and Texas Bluebonnet—the state flowers of Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Native Light Shade Wildflower seed mix will fill a big niche in the landscape of edges. Native Shady Wildflower mix includes at least a dozen very adaptable tough perennials that will thrive with moderate rainfall and partial sun. The species are delicate and long-lived, and will naturalize in a variety of places. If you can find a place to naturalize Black-eyed Susan, Wingstem, Virginia Mountainmint, New England Aster. Swamp Verbena, and other summer and fall blooming natives, this is your mix.
  • Wildlife Food Plot Mix is blended with annual and perennial grasses and forbs to provide a diverse, nutrition-packed diet to attract native wildlife, including deer. Works great for small clearings in wooded areas, farmlands or residential plots.  
  • Mountain Native Wildflower Mix is a beautifully balanced wildflower seed mixture for higher elevation, mountain regions. Thrives in the northern and western regions of the United States and SW Canada.
  • Cottage Garden Mix is reminiscent of old fashioned flowers from days gone by. Cottage Garden Seed Mix has unusual flowers, pass along plants, not seen in an over-manicured landscape, which also provide a diverse habitat for birds and insects.  
  • Golf Course Flower Mix

    $65.10 per pound
    Golf Course Mix is blended with native annual and perennial wildflowers that add fantastic color to roughs and attract pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds that will put on a show and delight your patrons.
  • Western Pollinator Seed Mix contains an assortment of western native wildflower species that act as valuable food and habitat for butterflies, birds and bees. Sow these seeds to produce a field of beautiful blooms anywhere west of North Dakota.
  • Northwest Native Wildflower Mix is blended with native wildflowers that flourish where rainfall is plentiful, like the Pacific Northwest. Use it for elevations below 7000 ft. and it will delight you as well as the local insects and pollinators.    
  • The Intermountain Native Wildflower Mix is formulated with native annual and perennial wildflowers found and produced in the lower elevations of the mountain states and provinces of Canada, including southwestern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia.  The intermountain native wildflower mix has uniquely beautiful flower seeds that are derived from sources in this specific region of North America.    
  • The Intermountain Native Wildflower Mix is formulated with native annual and perennial wildflowers found and produced in the lower elevations of the mountain states and provinces of Canada, including southwestern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia.  The intermountain native wildflower mix has uniquely beautiful flower seeds that are derived from sources in this specific region of North America.    
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