Shop our carefully selected seeds to be compatible and thrive in your local environment. Each mix is carefully chosen by our farm expert and cherished by environmentally-minded customers.  We can also provide custom bulk wildflower seed mixes for any application you can dream of creating.

Here’s a hint on how you can tell if a mix contains North American native species only or a combination of natives and naturalized plants. If a region is noted (i.e. Eastern, Northwest, Southeast, Western, etc) or the word NATIVE appears in the name it contains ONLY species that are native to North America. The other seed mixes have a mixture of native and naturalized seed species. They are combinations of seed based on their compatibility with the special use in mind. For example: Honey Bee Feed Mix has flower varieties good for feeding honey bees. Look for your region of the country to get a good start on choosing seed for your project.

The bulk seed mixes listed here are ordered alphabetically by seed mix title. You may sort by region or project use.