Premium Wildflower and Prairie Grass Seeds

Shop our carefully selected **bulk wildflower seeds** designed to thrive in your local environment. Each mix is expertly curated by our farm specialists and cherished by environmentally-conscious gardeners. We also offer custom bulk wildflower seed mixes for any unique project you envision.

Understanding Our Seed Mixes

To determine if a mix contains only North American native species or a combination of natives and naturalized plants, here’s a helpful tip:

  • Native Species Only: If the mix name includes a region (e.g., Eastern, Northwest, Southeast, Western) or the word “NATIVE,” it contains exclusively species native to North America.
  • Mixed Species: Other seed mixes combine native and naturalized species, selected for their compatibility with specific uses. For instance, our Honey Bee Feed Mix features flowers that are excellent for feeding honey bees.

Look for your region to find the perfect seed mix for your project and start transforming your landscape today!

The bulk seed mixes listed here are ordered alphabetically by seed mix title. You may sort by region or project use.